Day at the Races at Hawthorne 2017 Winners

Oct 22, 2017

Catholic Office Of The Deaf 2017 Fundraiser

$50 Raffle Ticket Winners

$7,000 Anonymous
Donated $3,500 to Catholic Office Of The Deaf and had another ticket drawn worth $3,500

$3.500 Winner
John and Christine Szeszol

$5,000 Winner
Wayne and Linda Godzicki

12 $500 Winners

Wayne and Linda Godzicki
Florence Mulcrone
Erika Lohmiller
Frank Cervantes
Don and Betty Delaney
Katheryn Lemons
P. Catania
John Nuzzo
Timmy Sweeney
Hugh T. Smith Jr.
Sean Collins
Ed Glennon(donated to Swoboda Deaf Center)

Bullet Ticket Winners

Television Josie Lowery

Laptop Sofia Yu

Trip Courtney Johnson

$100 Antoinette Polke