From Fr Joe - 2023

Dear Everyone, I realize that some of you have parts of my recent story, so I decided to send out the whole thing. Feel free to share it with anyone who might be interested. 
During the last few weeks, I had had some moments when for ten-twelve minutes I would feel light-headed or slightly "out of sync".  I attributed it to too much on my mind or sudden changes in the weather. On Sunday, I had been busy, but arrived home about 7pm from Vernon Hills, had something to eat, and went to bed. The only thing I felt was tired.   When I woke up to open the church and celebrate Mass on Monday morning, I knew something was "off". I opened the church, celebrated 7:15am Mass, and limped back to the rectory. By 9am, I told the secretary and pastor I needed to go to an ER. The secretary drove me to Resurrection Hospital's ER. By that time, she had to help me through the door.  My balance was shot. .I told the initial staff of my problem, and all of a sudden I was in the ER . After an initial interview, I was rushed to get a CATS Scan. Over the next tow days I dealt with neuro drs,  OT/PT/ST, nurses, heart folks, MRI, Echo-Cardio gram,  etc.  I was treated extremely well by all. At the same time, I had all sorts of you praying for me. So here are the following results:
During the last few weeks I was getting TIAs (minor strokes). I should have  paid more attention.  On Monday I had a full-blown stroke.  What is going on?  At the back of our brains, we have a Basal Artery.   In my case, the stroke did not impair my language, speech, sign-language, or cognitive functions. However, my Basal Artery has become sclerotic (stiff, not flexible) in parts. Therefore, when I needed some extra blood for that part of my brain (balance,etc) I would not get enough blood.  Hence, I would become "loopy".   The MRI showed I had some damage to the brain, but not significant.  The treatment is medicines, specifically blood thinners that I have started on already. Also, I have to reduce my cholesterol, so I already talked to the staff at the rectory about my diet. The neoro dr told me I can resume going to work out at Planet Fitness. I will resume Mass starting Saturday morning.
Thanks especially for your prayers. In two weeks, I am scheduled to go on my annual retreat, so I have a few things to discuss with God. A couple of things:
1 PLEASE don't all call or text me at once.  I am already overwhelmed with people calling me. I will reach out to many of you soon. 
2 I am still tired.  The last few days were difficult.
3 Keep your prayers coming. They are truly healing for me. 
4 Honestly, I am doing okay. I need a few days to get back to being steady on my feet.
I am grateful to all of you. Love, JAM.